The secret to quick, easy, permanent weight loss -
Finally revealed

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Get your dream body while eating carbs & junk food

Our meal plan makes it possible! No starvation diets. Just satisfying meals and effortless results.

Lose weight fast eating lots of carbs everyday

(even at night 🤫 )

Eat junk food the “right way”

Learn how to use junk, not to slow down results, but to supercharge them!

Starvation diets are a thing of the past

Leave every meal feeling satisfied and full.

Never get bored!

 We have a variety of delicious, easy-to-cook recipes to choose from.

No fancy foods

We don’t have to spend hours searching supermarkets for weirdly specific fruits and foodstuffs! Turn basic groceries into delicious meals.

We don’t leave you in the dark

Upon finishing the plan we will show you exactly how to maintain your new dream body, effortlessly, for the rest of your life

Introducing... WeightLess

The only weight loss plan that gets us lightning fast, permanent results, sustainably!

For Women


For Men


Couples Bundle


All you’ll need to succeed at your fingertips

Grocery List

Pre-tracked Daily Meals & Snacks

Low Calorie Condiments & Drinks

Tips on how to cook meals & stay full

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Who are these for?

If you are looking for a quick weight loss solution that does not starve or restrict you but is sustainable & guarantees permanent results, WeightLess is your best option 😎


P.S: the plan includes meat 🍖 Vegetarian & Pescatarian variations will be made available in the future.

I’ve tried many meal plans and diets in the past but none of them have worked for me. What makes this any different?

We don’t use any gimmicks. It’s not a fad diet, we will not starve you, carbs will be eaten in plenty and all the meals included are extremely satisfying and delicious.


We work with calories. Eating less calories daily than it takes to maintain our body-weight is how weight loss occurs. This is a scientific fact. Thankfully, we have done all the work & thinking for you. All we have to do is eat our meals & watch the fat melt off 😃

What results can I expect using it?
If we follow the plan to a tee, amazing results are guaranteed. Most people can expect to lose about .5kgs to 1kg per week for 8 weeks.
What is the difference between the women, men & couples meal plans?

The key difference between the men & women meal plan is the amount of calories in each plan.

Men generally burn more calories than women because of higher muscle mass, so can eat more calories per day to be in a deficit. 

Because of this, please purchase the correct meal plan. 

The couple’s meal plan will get you both men & women plans and is designed to allow couples to get a  meal prep together. Both plans have the same meals, but each person serves a different amount to fit in their calorie budget.  

I’m ready to go! What happens immediately after I purchase my meal plan?

The meal plan will immediately be sent to the email address you provided upon checkout. It is not a link that will expire, it is a PDF that you can download, use immediately and have access to for life!

Lightning-fast progress ⚡ mouth-watering meals ️🤤 permanent results 😤 - at the click of a button!